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A New Path takes a candid look at the contemporary lifeway of humans in an attempt to reinstate our biological norms-patterns of living that define each species on the planet.

Whether one is to discuss a wolf, a caribou, or an eagle, there are features of these animal's lives that define them. Given their unique adaptations, they are tailored, through evolution, to living in a particular way (e.g., a caribou cannot enjoy the diet of a wolf).

This book presents the forgotten species' norms of Homo sapiens and explains that when we deviate from these patterns, we experience sickness of various kinds: cancer, depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.

Through combining historical observations of hunter-gatherers, people who were extremely resilient to chronic disease, with modern evidence- based research, A New Path tackles the mythology of improving life through technology. Then, provides guidance on many important aspects of human health, including diet, water, medicine, awareness, nature immersion, movement, hormesis, community, and ancestral technologies.

Through its unique lens, this book makes a case for loss of health and sovereignty as a result of human domestication and seeks to rekindle people's desire for nature connection and eco-conscientious living.

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